Interview with a Prick
An Interview with Kevin McMahon, from July 1995 Exclaim! Magazine
Transcribed by tHe hApPy sLaVe

	"What is obvious to others is complex and splendid to him and what is

accepted by others is questioned by him. Prick, the imagination." 

							-Prick liner notes.

	"I don't know, but do you want to do an interview with Trent?" says

the lowkey Kevin McMahon when asked about his former bandmate, and now label

boss, Nine Inch Nail's Trent Reznor (who produces and plays on four tracks

on Prick, the CD).

	"I did last summer," replies the reporter, just trying to communicate,

and wondering 'why the attitude?' when this prick's whole presence in the 

marketplace is due to his famous buddy.

	"I don't really have too many reminiscences. But maybe I can conjure

some up and call you back."

	I guess he needed to get to know me first (newspaper editors please

note: this is a reference to a lyric in Prick's "Other People").

	"I needed a keyboard player, and he hadn't really done anything yet,

as far as his own music went. About five years later, he started up his own

label, Nothing, and asked me if I wanted to do something on that."

	Right on. Heart-warming networking, neighbourly corporate-sponsored

friendships. Kevin was Lucky Pierre with ten releases during the 80s in

Cleveland, Ohio. His music project now is Prick, and he's still undecided if

Prick is the album title or the band name. You see it could be "prick your

finger," "suck my prick" or "Kevin is a prick."

	Musically, Prick is a together mix of 70s English art-pop (ie. Bowie,

Cockney Rebel, etc) and NIN-like cyberthrash. Kevin dramatically emotes

through tracks like "No Fair Fights" and the first single/video "Animal."

The highlight is the finale, "Makebelieve," epic English-sounding psychedelic

pop that would not be out of place on a Legendary Pink Dots album.

	"I think the Kinks' Ray Davies is a great songwriter. Bowie... and

you know, I listened to mostly British music, so I guess that gets to the

way you sing. Sometimes I listen to my old recordings, and I can't believe

my voice because it sounds English. Even recently some of it does, but it's

not an affectation, it is just the way that things come out."

	Prick, the CD, was partly recorded in London with producer Warne

Livesey and entirely mixed by Alan Moulder. The result is state-of-the-art

sound with industrial-rock rhythm programming, screaming hooks and intimate

angst - even some crickets singing for their supper outside Pig Studio,

Reznor's infamous rented Hollywood Hills family estate.

	"It's kind of something I didn't dwell on too much when I was there.

I guess it didn't help when one of the nights I didn't realize I was there

alone, and people came up to visit or to... I guess maybe there is something

strange about it beacause I'm apprehensive to talk about it."


	"I can't wait 'til they think it's good

	 I can't wait 'til it's understood

	 I got it bad"

		- "I Got It Bad"

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